Trading on the Forex market is connected with risk. This warning is informative in nature and does not indicate that all the mentioned risks can occur directly on you. The main purpose is to inform the client on all trading and non-trading risks, which may take place while working on the Forex market. First of all, identify the purpose of your deposit and never deposit sum, losing of which will cause a negative impact on your budget. Trading on the foreign exchange market is dangerous because of the possibility of uncontrolled loss.

High volatility of financial instruments

A big number of trading instruments that are traded on the Forex market, have a high intraday volatility, which can either bring profit or cause losses.

Technical risk (risk, connected with technical equipment)

There are some risks that may occur on the client's side, such as: failure of hardware and software, lost connection, problems with communication systems, misconfiguration of the trading platform etc.

Trading risk

At market conditions, different from normal, the time of the client's order processing may increase.

Any analytical information displayed on this website is not the guide of actions that will bring 100% profit: it is of recommendatory nature only.

Setting the Stop Loss level cannot always fully limit losses.

Risks are connected with the lack of knowledge of the currency market and trading on the trading platform basics.

Friday closing prices might be different from the opening prices after the weekend, in case you are not fully comfortable with the possibility of the gap, you can always close the orders before the weekend. etc.

* This list includes, but is not limited to the risks mentioned in it.


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